A class I am taking this term requires its students to start a blog, populate content, and draft a paper discussing the intent to turn this blog into a revenue generator.

….  This has been been my goal for alpacasandanalogies all along…  Though somehow that dream has been lost, or temporarily overlooked.

So, while she has been terribly neglected these past few months, between changes at work and a new term and somewhat successful attempts to live life, it’s time to brain storm.  How do I bring alpacasandanalogies back to life?  And how can I make her earn her keep?

{don’t mind me while I mind dump all up in here}

I think it’s incredibly important to share what inspires me.  I think in the past I have been so narrowly focused on fiber crafts that whenever I talk about life, or baking, or whatever, it feels out of place.

So what inspires me:

1. My people and my dog









2. The outdoors









3. Kitchen crafts









4. Fiber crafts (of course)









These are the parts of me that I want to bring to life here, not just as a way to share current happenings with my friends and family, but as a way to inspire people as well.

What are the blogs I love to read doing right?  And what keeps me coming back?

** Beautiful Photography, Personality, A-Ha Moments**

And how are they making money?

*** Sponsors and On-Screen Advertisers, Product Trial and Endorsements, Etsy ***

It’s clear to me that taking alpacasandanalogies to the next level will take more than good intentions.  It will take time.  It will take determination, experiments, and rolls and rolls of film and hours and hours of sifting through digital shots.  alpacasandanalogies is  more than a knitting blog – it’s a “how this is changing my life” kind of blog.

So for now, while this writer gets herself back on track, bear with me.  Here’s a little taste of what’s to come:

//Complete Visual Makeover//  Less bland, more action!

//More Content//  A plethora of knitting, baking, and living!

//More Writing & More Photos//  Less lazy!  Is that possible?

//More Alpacas & More Analogies//  ….

Stay tuned.

The best is yet to come.