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It’s hard to believe but it’s already almost time for the annual Portland Yarn Crawl!  I love how this is just the most splendid way to kick off Spring, or, since this is Oregon, the next 8+ weeks of rainy-crap-winter.  Even better, this fantastic event always falls right around Button’s birthday.  Who could ask for a more awesome weekend of celebrating good friends and good knitting?!

And then there is this:


Of all the girls in our group, and all the shops we went into, and all the contests we entered, this is the only thing anyone won.  At least it was the birthday girl who won it.


Big surprise that it has sat in Button’s drawer for a year.

I mean, really.  Someone clearly spent a lot of time on this hand spun skein of yarn.  Enough time in fact to integrate little bits of what I think is Barbie hair into it even.



But god, is it ugly.  I think my first reaction to it was: “this is what My Little Pony would look like as yarn…”

So, like any dedicated yarn enthusiast/masochist, I cam up with a brilliant idea.  The Ultimate Yarn Challenge.  I am going to use every ounce of my knitting brain and I am going to make this yarn into something lovely.

I’ll see your doubt and raise you a rather large pile of determination.

Bring it on Barbie.  Bring.  It.  On.