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So this title may be a little misleading.  While peace on earth and an end to poverty and all that fuzzy stuff is indeed wonderful and, of course, something I think we all wish for, this list is slightly (heavy on the emphasis there) more realistic. 

If I were to sit down and think of what I want for Christmas this year, I would have to really think.  As I am about to move into an itsy bitsy studio, there aren’t a lot of “things” that I need, or want.  I really, really, really dislike clutter, as it seems to encourage my tendency to be messy, so I’ve been desperately trying to scale down as it is. 

This grown-up Christmas list includes a couple of must-haves, and a couple of absolute not-gonna-happens.  I’m a dreamer.  And as they say, go big or go home.

1) Ministry of Magic Toilet Decal

To be perfectly honest, I almost crapped my pants when I found this on Etsy, which is perfectly ironic.  So, now that I will be living alone, I can completely nerd out and make this a part of my decor.  I can’t wait until it freaks out a guest.  Like my mom.

2) Kitchenaid Stand Mixer

I baked 4 dozen scones on Tuesday.  By hand.  My hands and arms are killing me.  Balls.

3) More Counter Space

Itsy-bitsy studio apartments are not very conducive to refining mad baking skills.  In fact, I don’t even think this new apartment will have enough room for my microwave….  So yeah.  That sucks.

4) Drop Spindle

I feel like the next step in my quest toward knitterary domination is to spin my own yarn.  I have this image of me, some day, shearing my own alpaca, dyeing the wool, spinning it into various weights, and then knitting it into personally designed masterpeices that will sell in my little knit shop/bakery.  Although, as the only alpaca farm I’ve ever been to was in Massachusetts, that fantasy also takes place in a quaint little New England town.  I may have buckles on my shoes.

5) A Cleaning Fairy

Because working 45 hours a week as a personal banker and trying to develop my own business wasn’t enough to do, I went back to school this fall to get my MBA.  Full time.  Which means my apartment gets cleaned on a less than part time schedule because, at the end of an incredibly long day, I really just don’t care.  I need a cleaning fairy.  Or, as Button always says, a really nice husband. 

6) A Herd of Alpacas

I’m pretty sure this one is actually pretty self-explanatory.  How can my knitting dreams come true without a flock of these big beautiful animals to sheer.  Although, I’m not sure they’ll fit on my patio.  And they’ll probably smell….  So maybe I’ll wait on these guys.  Although I’m already imagining names.  Like Emperor Kuzco and Kronk and Yzma….

This year my Christmas gift to myself, and to you, will be to dedicate more time to this little corner of my life.  Happy Holidays everyone!