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I’ve missed my weekly perusals through Etsy and the rest of the crafty marketplace to find little treats that would make life so lovely.  It’s time to bring this back, even if I am a day late and a dollar short.

As I work on developing the prototypes for the Alpaca.Rae line that should be launching after the first of the year, I am on the hunt for ways to help me stay organized and streamline the process from the original designing to the eventual *hoping* mass production.

Knit Buddies Moleskine from shoofly on etsy.com; for jotting down ideas and inspirations

Yarn Ball Winder from Craftiness on Etsy.com

Firm Blocking Wires by NovaSteel on etsy.com

Compact Portable Solid Black Walnut Yarn Swift from ScottsMountainCrafts on etsy.com

And just for fun:

Knitting Art Print from Vintagraphy on etsy.com