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Fa la-la la-la, la-la la la…..

I can’t believe that all of October has gone by and we’re a week and a half into November and I haven’t blogged.  I heard Christmas music on the radio for the first time on Thursday.  Christmas music.  It was November 10th.  It’s bad enough that retailers start the holiday stress madness before Halloween has even passed, but I always thought I could count on all the radio DJs to give us until after Thanksgiving before striking the fear of god into us.

So where does this leave the knitters?  My own project list is certainly not shrinking at the pace I would prefer.  I’ve got about a quarter of the crochet zoo for the Little Monster done – well maybe a third.  This particular project has been one of my favorites so far.  It’s going to be really tough to give these little guys up to their new home on The Big Day.  I’ve got about a quarter of Mama’s project done.  It’s a little tedious, but it will be one of the most beautiful projects I’ve worked on to date.  And it’s all thanks to Button’s mad project-seeking skills.  My Alpaca.Rae prototypes are turning out wonderfully, in fact Amanda Jeanette (my very first piece) is about 95% done.  I won’t have my catalog out by the new year like I had thought – but hopefully shortly thereafter.

And yesterday I got to do my very favorite thing in the whole world.  I got to do to my very favorite knit shop and sift through all the bins and touch all the lovely fibers and play with all the fancy notions – all in the name of picking the wool for the project for Daddy.  I picked out this wonderful wool in a heathered and slightly rugged green.  It’s just soft enough to feel wonderful against the skin while still being sturdy enough to be uber-manly.

So my list of started projects looks like this:

  • Mama
  • Daddy
  • Panda
  • Button
  • Little Monster

And I can think of at least four other people I’d like to knit for…..

So this is where the knitters are during the holidays, or at least where we fear and/or know we’ll end up:  Christmas Eve, knitting frantically in front of the fire until the wee hours of the morning, praying we don’t drop a stitch and bugger the whole thing up.  Never fear fellow knitters, because I’ll be right there with you.  And it’ll be 100% worth it when we get to see that special sparkle in the eyes of our loved ones when they open those gifts.

So between now and then, I’ll be dreaming of packaging and tagging concepts and nursing my blisters and repeating my holiday knitting mantra.

Please don’t let me bugger it up.