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We all need our moments.  Those little pockets of time that are just ours.  We can shut out the world, forget about work and the laundry and the fact that I have one too many beer bottles on my back porch that need to be returned…


Peace is a commodity we take for granted, particularly in our personal lives.  We all need our moments, and I have found mine.

Every day I drive 30 – 40 minutes to work.  I purposefully take the long way, avoiding the freeway and looking for the heavily-trafficked streets.  This would drive most folks crazy.  And in fact, I see it in the faces of the drivers of the compact cars and midsize SUVs that are packed onto this road like sardines in a can.  They glare at me as I pass them and smile.  “Why is she so damn happy?”  I imagine them asking.  Because those 30-40 minutes are my moments, my little pockets of peace.

On that drive I typically do one of two things: Belt out super sappy country ballads loud enough that I’m sure the next car can hear me over their own radio, or I listen to an Audible book… and knit.

When traffic is at a stand still at this one particular point on the hill, I carefully reach into my bag and pull out my project, and I know a look of pure glee spreads across my face.  I make a couple of stitches tentatively and look around.  Yes, I’m checking for cops.  I think I’m in the clear…  And then I’m off and flying.  Making stitches like there’s no tomorrow.  I never get much done, a couple of rows at the most, but by the time I get to my office I’m genuinely ready to get down to business.

I’ve had my moment for the day.

If I’m lucky, maybe I’ll get another on my drive home.  But at least I can approach a full day of work, and then a fuller load of homework later, knowing that I’ll always have my very own pocket of peace.

(My little cubicle.  Wouldn’t be complete without knitting comic, funny animals, and Button!)