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I feel like a dirty whore.

As I was strolling through Fred Meyer yesterday evening, on the prowl for a good steak and a good rub… for the steak, I casually took a glimpse down the crafty aisle.

And that is where I found this:

I couldn’t help but think of watching my almost three year old nephew open a box on Christmas morning and have it be filled with his very own stuffed zoo, made by his Auntie Achoes.  (Since he can’t pronounce my name and has already realized that a plural really is necessary to describe me.)  So I bought the damn book.  And a crochet hook.  And some recycled cotton in a pretty marl to kick off the hippo.

I’m cheating on knitting.  And yes, I dabbled in crochet before.  To test the waters more than anything else.  But it was frustrating.  And felt all wrong.

I spent a couple of hours trying to get the hang of crochet in miniature, since I don’t have the hang of crochet in normal size this turned out to be a feat.  However, after several failed attempts and frustrated chuckings of my yarn across the room, I realized that I’ve been doing it all wrong.  Go figure.  I’ve been using tutorials I found online on one of my trusted blogs but i must have missed something because it simply didn’t look like crochet.  But I found, in the back of this little Vanna White book, the Eldorado og crochet instruction.  Never in my life did I think I would be thanking Vanna White, but here I am.  Thank you Vanna.  You can, in fact, do more that push buttons in evening dresses.

Presenting:  One Hippo Butt.

And it looks like real crochet!  It’s not perfect, but I’m as proud of this little hippo butt as I am of a hell of a lot of my advanced knitting projects.  And yes, I’ll be sure to post the whole zoo when it’s finished.  And yes, I do indeed know that hippos are not this color.

P.S.     I still feel like a dirty whore.