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Grad school has officially taken over my life.  Week One is finishing up and I am staring down the barrel of the next nine with a little bit of fear, a lot of excitement, and maybe a bit of nausea as well.  I seem to thrive in high stress environments, even as I tear my hair out, so I have faith that I will make it through.  But what scares me the most is the distinct lack of creative output that is characterizing this first week.

I have found time to do little more than work on half an art piece for a series I want to hang in my future new studio, cast on the little something I’m knitting for my mama for Christmas, and dream about all the blogging I wish I was doing.

I think I am going to have to turn into that shameless crafter that you see knitting at potentially awkward moments.  Like in waiting rooms, at bars, in the car at stop lights, during my break between classes…

Somewhere out there, Button is reading this and thinking to herself “Silly Rae, you already do all those things.”  And she is completely right.