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I have a confession to make.  Or I suppose more like a public assertion.

I am a fanatic knitter.  This has been established.  It is not news to you.

However, what may be news to you is that I am a smoker.  Or was until about 1:30 pm Sunday the 11th of September, 2011.  That is the moment I threw down the butt of my last cigarette and said to myself, “Rachael, you’ve had your last hurrah.  It is time to grow up and move along with your life.”  And this is how, this time, I plan to make it stick.

I am using my knitting addiction to kill my nicotine addiction.

Trust me, I can see the doubt all over your face.  So let me explain.  I respond very well to positive reinforcement, you see.  Or in this case, flat out bribery.  So I plan to do just that – bribe myself.  For every two weeks I go without touching nicotine, I will allow myself to splurge on some sort of knitting related treat.  It may be a new yarn, or a notion I’ve been eyeballing, or maybe a fun book.  Something fun, and not too spendy.  Just enough to keep me motivated.  This plan will culminate one year from my last smoking day in one final and impressive act of bribery.

I’m not sure what this final act will be but I can tell you that it will be monumental.  Because I need the motivation.  And because I think after a year of not smoking I will have deserved it.