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That evil laughter you hear?  Yeah, that’s me.  Why, you ask?  Let me explain…

A couple of weeks ago I was sitting in the airport in Charlotte, surfing Ravelry on my iPhone and pondering to myself: “What am I to do with all my left over bits of yarn?”  And then I stumbled upon this:

The Beekeeper’s Quilt by tiny owl knits on Ravelry

What an ideal way to not only use up every bit of extra yarn I have in my epically proportioned stash, but to test my ability to adapt to different yarn weights, tensions and needle sizes to finish with an equal outcome for each little honeycomb.

Attempt #1

To be fair, this is actually #6 or #7 probably.  I’ve tried a few different yarn weights and a couple of different needle sizes, and I think I’ve figured out a plan of attack.  The issue I’m running into is a problem of my own making.  My natural tension is so darn tight that I simply cannot get the height I want in these little buggers.

Attempt #2

On this little guy, I think I have it.  I used a sport weight on size 7 dpns.  She’s still a little less square than I would like, but I think she’ll do.  Now I only need to spend the next year or so knitting up hundreds of little honeycombs using up all my scraps from past projects.  I embark on this quest with three big questions.

#1  Will I trully by able to adapt my knitting style to create a relatively uniform outcome?

#2  Will I be able to stick with such a drawn out timeline? (See: .:The Promise of a Commitment Phobe:.)

#3  Will my apartment end up scattered with hundreds of knitted honeycombs when I snap one day and start chucking them about?

All this and more coming up in the next season of:

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