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I want to learn to spin.

There is something about the concept of taking all that virgin fiber and turning it into knittable yarn with my own hands.  And wood.  There is definitely something about all that soft, polished wood.  Blame it on my profound love for fiber, hell even blame it on my even profounder (hee, hee) love for a good piece of wood.  Either way, I really believe that spinning is the next logical step in my continuous mission to feed my overwhelming obsession with knitting.

Now that this has been determined, the next step is obtaining a spinning wheel — preferably without spending a small fortune.  I would love to find a vintage one, tucked away in a dusty corner of some antiques shop somewhere.  It doesn’t even need to be in good repair, in fact I’d love a fixer-upper.  Nothing makes me smile like some piece of well loved wood furniture that needs a little polish.  And when it’s good and ready, I can see myself perched on a little stool in my little apartment, hunched over that wheel and surrounded by fiber like the heroine from Rumpelstiltskin, spinning until the cows come home.  Or in the case of my urban setting, my obnoxious neighbors.

So I have a challenge for you Portlandians.  Millions of thanks, props, and even some handspun/knit goodness to the first person to find me a wooden spinning wheel for under a hundred bucks.  Any takers??  This is kind of like all those blog giveaways I keep seeing everywhere — scavenger hunt style.  Right??

Thanks in advance!

❤ ~ Alpaca.Rae