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How to fulfill a promise.

Step one: follow through

I finally finished one of many abandoned projects. It’s a small one and, thus, a very small step. And I still have balls of yarn, piles of needles, and layers of unfinished bits of knitting scattered all about me. But I feel like this is progress.

So here it is: an iPhone cover from my very own design. Complete with a little window in the back for the Apple logo to peek through. Ok, to be fair, it’s more like an iPhone sock. But I’m very proud of it’s completion, since it was born not of a pattern drawn from someone else’s idea, but from the fruits of my own experience with sticks and string.

A new friend that Button and Mr. Button introduced me to this past weekend has inspired me. We talked about blogging and making a name for one’s self in this crazy world of instant publication. She suggested I make my self a set of cards to hand out to promote my blog. So on this coming three day weekend I have three very important missions: watch the first Oregon Duck game of the season, publish some of my finish works on the proper pages, and design some kick ass alpacasandanalogies business cards. Oh, and maybe finish another project. That would be good.