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I have commitment problems.

The first step in overcoming something is admitting it right?

I have been working on the same damn pair of vintage styled, U of O Ducks themed legwarmers for over a month.  They are an uncomplicated mix of rib stitch, knit stitch and color striping.  Simple.  Easy.  Yet I still have only managed to complete about 1.75 of the matching set.  And so it sits quietly under my desk in it’s brown paper Happy Knits bag, and I can see that it’s lonely. 

This is what I always do.  I get close to the end of a project and I am so eager to start the next one that I abandon it.  Maybe I’ll finish it, maybe I won’t.  So I’m making a promise to myself, and to all my half finished projects that are laying around my apartment in their miscellaneous tote bags: 

I will not start another project until each and every one I have started is finished and posted on this blog. 

Can I commit to this?  We shall see.  Maybe the pathetic stares all those abandoned projects give me every time I walk through the door will motivate me.