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I took my first big girl vacation this past week.  I packed up my loaner carry on suitcase and boarded a plan for Boston, MA.  There awaited me close family, an old friend, good beer and plenty of historic sites for me to nerd out at.  And of course yarn shops.  And llama farms.  I will be quite frank with you: there is not much else that a girl needs.  Well this girl anyway.

So traveling knitter, eh?  Most definitely.  This is how my obsession manifested whilst on vacation:

I bought this gorgeous candy apple red merino at the Iron Horse Farms shop in downtown Sherborn, the town my family lives in.  Driving home we pass the actual farm and watch the llama grazing on the rolling field.  Every part of me yearned to get out of the car and make my home there.

This olive fingering weight llama came from the same shop but is not local.  It is however supple and light and will someday become this: Make Up Your Mind tank by knittedblissjc.

This is by far my favorite of what I brought home.  This is from Windsor Button in Boston by the Boston Common.  I stumbled upon this shop almost accidentally, and while I wasn’t particularly impressed by the shop itself, I was love-struck by this incredibly soft chunky weight baby alpaca.  It had me from the moment I rubbed it against my cheek.  Yes Mrs. Button, I rubbed it all up on my face.  Like I do.  I then whiled away a couple evenings watching Glee with my cousins, and turned it into these: Great Horned Owl Wristlets by Jan Larson.

Something tells me that there should be a lesson learned from this trip.  After all, I did visit a part of our nation with some of the richest, most patriotic history our sweet little country has to offer.  (And don’t get me started on how my Constitutionalist little self filled with proud glee every time I stood on a site where our forefathers once stood.)  So from a traveler’s point of view, what did my first big girl vacation teach me?

A) If you purposefully make yourself look as touristy as possible (i.e. carrying a guidebook around, not speaking in the local accent, wrap your ankles in bandaids because you’ve worn holes in your achilles from walking) then people will be nice to you, even in a notoriously unfriendly city.  And vice versa, if you attempt to look normal by just using the maps on your phone and accidentally walking into traffic, those people will look at you like you are bat shit crazy.

B) No matter how hard you try, and smoosh and cram and curse and eventually attempt to vacuum pack, you can only comfortably fit so much yarn into your carryon, and each time you go through security, the TSA guy will look at you like you are bat shit crazy.  Check your damn bag already.

C) You can always find a bit of your heart wherever your journey takes you.