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I am definitely not the type of knitter to be able to work on one project at a time. To me, that just seems like nonsense. After all, the best part of the whole process is the casting on right? Those moments when the project is still a little flutter in your mind’s eye. Maybe you’re following a really simple pattern, or maybe you’re working a delicate lace, or maybe you’re playing with fair isle. No matter how easy or how complicated your project may become, in the beginning all the possibility in the world is at your fingertips. I love that freedom. So what am I working on now? Not too many projects….

Tube Sock Leg Warmers from The Purl Bee

These are being knit up with a wonderfully soft and light dk weight baby alpaca from Cascade Eco Alpaca, and Cascade 220’s superwash worsted weight wool for the colored stripes. I picked the lovely dark green and marigold for these because, after all, I am a die hard University of Oregon Ducks fan. I mean, I was raised to bleed green my friends, and of course I did my under-grad there. Like there was an option. I love how vintage these look, and I can’t wait to sport them all football season long while I watch the games in my tiny apartment living room, wearing my awesome beer helmet. Someone special knew exactly what I needed for my birthday. Did I mention that two of my favorite things in this whole world are beer and football?

Sidhe Lace Shrug from Vampire Knits by Genevieve Miller

I fell in love with Merino wool on this piece, and specifically with the lace weight in 100% merino that I picked up from Happy Knits on Hawthorne. This fiber has the perfect sheen to give an incredible amount of depth to the marine blue color I chose. This piece has also been fully responsible for developing of lace.  The concentration and focus it takes to mold this pattern from the two delicate strands of wool is addictive.  My mind is erased like a chalkboard and when I set it down for the day, I am ready to start fresh on whatever life may throw at me.

Whit’s Knits: Bamboo Wedding Shawl from The Purl Bee

I’m flying out to Boston in two days time for my first real, big-kid vacation.  Said flight will take from about 6 am Portland time until about 5:30 pm Boston time, with one 45 minute layover in Houston.  Any of you who know me also know that one of my worst and probably most ridiculous fears is my fear of flying.  Well, to be fair, it’s not exactly the flying itself.  The motion doesn’t bother me, the cramped space doesn’t bother me, the weird feeling of being in a pressurized can doesn’t even bother me.  What I am deathly afraid of, is the idea that this pressurized can is going to randomly fall out of the sky.  I guess I just feel that if we were made to fly, we’d have been born with wings.  Funny coming from someone with passionate dreams of seeing the world, right?  So anyway, to while away my time in flight, and to keep my mind from wandering toward disaster, I am beginning a new knitting project.  I fell in love with the simplistic beauty of this shawl when I first saw it on The Purl Bee and I thought this is the perfect project for traveling.  Instead of going with the bamboo fiber suggested in the pattern, I chose a Merino/Silk blend in a raw, undyed cream from KnitPicks.com.  They have an unbelieveable selection of quality yarn in different fiber options for surprisingly affordable prices.  I may have to order from them more often….  Although there really is nothing like going to the local yarn shop and squishing all the skeins until I find just the right one.

So three projects.  That’s not unmanageable by any means.  Although, the closer we get to Fall means the sooner I need to start my holiday knitting projects….  And then there’s the piles and piles of patterns I’ve printed to try….  And then the fact that I want to start designing some of my own fair isle work….

{A big thanks to The Purl Bee for all your fantastic patterns!  I can’t get enough!}