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I am a knitter.

You will more often than not find me with needles and yarn in my hand or in my bag.  Either way, wherever I am, I always seem to have something knitable close by.  I am not one to easily be able to sit idlly.  So give me too much free time, and my hands wander to the closest bit of sheep.  Somehow, for me, textiles are magnets.  Anytime I am in a store my fingers are constantly trailing over fabrics.  Anytime I am in a knitting shop, and you can ask Button about how embarassing this is, I am constantly picking up yarn balls and rubbing them on my face.  It’s compulsory.  And it’s heaven.

I am a writer.

I carry pads of paper in my purse to write down my random thoughts.  I have notebooks filled with the starts of novels that will probably never see the light of day.  I earned the highest score possible on the AP Compostion test in high school.  Not that this fact is important, but it goes to show that I have a profound, and borderline obsessive, love of words.  Which is ironic because I am absolutely the worst Scrabble player of all time.  Go figure.  Regardless, writing is as powerful an art form to me as say, sculpting, which interestingly enough is a verb that could be applied to the art of knitting as well.

So it would only follow that I would come to the eventual conclusion of starting a knitting blog.  What better way to combine the two things in this world that I love the most than to share it with the interwebs.  I can make no promises that this blog will contain any information that anyone else fill ever find valuable, but I can promise you that on these pages you will find bits of my heart and soul, expressed through swatches of tedious weaving and occasionally witty anecdotes.  Happy reading and, most of all, happy knitting.